Meet Reier

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Meet Reier Erickson

Hi there! My name is Reier Erickson and I am the father of two SPPS students and I am running for a seat on the Saint Paul School Board.

I love Saint Paul I spent my formidable years in International Falls and then moved to the Twin Cities for college. Saint Paul is where I met my wife and where one of my children was born. After spending close to ten years away, our family decided to move back to Saint Paul to raise our kids in the place we loved that would give them the greatest educational experience possible.

I have international education experience I spent time doing theatre education in Minneapolis. I served on a PTO in Liberia, West Africa. I served on the school board in Saint Albans, Vermont. I would bring diverse experience and ideas to Saint Paul Public Schools.

I care about teachers, staff and students It's time for us to start listening to the stakeholders in our education system. Our teachers, staff and students know what's needed to move our schools forward. Our priority should be listening to them, at a local school by school level, to inform policy and positions. What's right for one school community isn't necessarily right for the rest.

We need fresh ideas As a community we have to start reimagining solutions to things like safety, student engagement and workforce development. We cannot just keep doing the same thing. We need fresh eyes and minds.